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Ad-Blue in your diesel tank by mistake?

What is ad-blue?

Ad-Blue is used in modern day diesel vehicles to improve emissions, vehicles that where registered after September 2015 use it. The ad-blue solution is sprayed into the exhaust system on Euro 6 vehicles to help reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Ad-blue in diesel vehicles never work!

However there have been a number of motorists that have incorrectly put Ad-Blue in their fuel tank. Ad-blue is very corrosive and will not run in a diesel engine, if you have put ad-blue in your diesel tank you will find out very quickly. If you have started your vehicle with the ad-blue solution in your diesel tank the engine will cut out with-in around 50 yards and on most vehicles indication water in fuel on the dash will illuminate.

What to do if you have put adblue in diesel tank?

DO NOT start the engine!

Filling the wrong tank with ad-blue can be costly. If you have driven your car before realising stop immediately when safe to do so and call Fuel Flush. Ad-blue is seriously corrosive and the solution will crystallise and corrode the pipework and components in the fuel system and create blockages.

Remove ad-blue out of diesel

An experienced wrong fuel technician will safely remove the Ad-Blue from the fuel tank.

We’ll drain the fuel tank, flush out the fuel lines and fuel filter ensuring the correct fuel is back in the fuel tank so your car will be up and running again. In some cases the fuel filter my need replacing after the work is complete.

AdBlue mix ups can be resolved, don’t panic!

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