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Petrol in a diesel Vauxhall Corsa, Wrong fuel Lake District!

Vauxhall Corsa wrong fuelWrong fuel in broken down Vauxhall

This customer filled his Vauxhall Corsa with £15 of the wrong fuel at a BP petrol station in the lake district on their way home from a week away, the couple realised what they had done when their car started to act strange and loss power to the engine, they pulled up at the next petrol station and filled the rest of the tank with diesel hoping that it would dilute the petrol and they would able to get on their way.

Never try to dilute petrol in diesel mix ups!

This was not the case, never try to dilute the wrong fuel in your tank it will end up costing you more money and loss of more fuel, the car wouldn’t start after dilution therefore they had to ring us to drain the tank and flush the fuel system.

I got the call out and was with the customer within an hour, drained and flushed the fuel system correct fuel back in the car and got the car back up and running in no time.